Weekly Photo Challenge : Threshold

Little bit late for the post, herewith the threshold. Our family were moving to new city early this year. It was our threshold, a point of entering a new life, a new adventure. If you believe life is an adventure then you should move, hijrah.

Like John A. Shedd said : a ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for ! Sometimes a “threshold” situation won’t be easy, but we should try to survive. No look back !

entering a new life

This is my response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Threshold

Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong, February 2014



Sepi Sendiri

sepi sendiri

sepi sendiri

Mountain and the forest are always being my second home, an escape perhaps. It was a freezing morning at Mt. Kinabalu, a hundreds of climbers were climbing to the summit. Not a big different with a morning at Pasar Bubrah to the Mt. Merapi summit. A mountain is always a sanctuary, a life getaway.

Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah, August 2008

Losari Sunset

Sunset is always being my favorite time. Regardless the place, sunset is always mean something and a good place and a good companion make it better.

This one is from Losari Beach, Makassar. This beach is a limelight of this city, we can found a good warong and food stall here. Please try the Pisang Ijo ice, it is delicious.

Sunset at Losari Beach

Sunset at Losari Beach

Losari Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, June 2012


One beautiful day in Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park. We found this private log cabin and suddenly we fell in love.

That cabin was fulfilled our sanctuary dream, a little house in the prairie, with a green from tree and grass, a blue from the sky and the water and the brown from the wood, perfect. No need the apple and the blackberry family anymore, say goodbye to them.



Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, March 2012


The fact that many people died in the Grand Canyon by falling was not stopping them to sit on the edge of the rock. It was a perfect afternoon and I was in south rim of Grand Canyon, near the Yapavai Geology Museum.

I found them playing on the rock, jumping, dancing and they were made lot of people nervous and trying to stop them. Well, young people always braver than us.



Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, March 2012


Another sunset picture, MATAHARI – the sun. It was one lovely afternoon in Sembalun, a small village in Mt. Rinjani foothill. We were doing afternoon walk through the savanna near our homestay. The sky was amazing, golden sunset with big circle of sun, great.

And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
You owe me
Look what happens with love like that
It lights up the sky

~ Rumi ~



Sembalun, Mt. Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia, July 2011

Our Precious

Please meet our precious baby….Azkia Anshelma Noermawan, but just call her CICI. She was born at 2nd of July 2009 by water birth delivery in Sam Marie Hospital, Jakarta.



I shot this picture at Gonzales, Texas when Cici was 6m and 28 days old. We were on the journey from Houston to San Antonio. We found this beautiful place as a picnic area, decided to stop and took some pics..lovely.

Gonzales – Texas , January 2010

Low’s Peak

We climbed Kinabalu as part of our honeymoon backpacker trip on August 2008. It were perfect days, nice weather, nice mountain and also a nice honeymoon for sure.

Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo, Southeast Asia. It is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah and is protected as Kinabalu National Park, a World Heritage Site.

Kinabalu is the highest peak in in Borneo’s Crocker Range  and is the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago. This mountain is also the 20th most prominent mountain in the world by topographic prominence. The highest peak is called Low’s Peak, clocking in at an elevation of 4102 meters. The height of the summit changes from time to time though, and it’s currently listed as 4095.2 meters.

Low's Peak

Low’s Peak

Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, August 2008

Maitara and Ternate

If you are Indonesian, you should notice the picture below as one of  our bank note. It shows a picture of  Tidore and Maitara Islands, taken from Ternate Island.

IDR 1000Source pic : Bank Indonesia's website

IDR 1000
Source pic : Bank Indonesia’s website

We went to North Maluku on January 2007 and spent a week to explore the area. My first stop was Ternate and initially we would like to climb Mt. Gamalama. Unfortunately the mountain was active and we decided to climb Kiematubo, a mountain in Tidore Island.

Tidore itself is consists of a large stratovolcano which rises from the seafloor to an elevation of 1,730 m above sea level at the conical Kiematubo’s peak on the south end of the island. The northern side of the island contains a caldera, Sabale, with two smaller volcanic cones within it.

We stayed a night at house of Kepala Suku’s relative. The people were very friendly, they were very welcome with us. We climbed the mountain in one day with one of teenager from Gurabunga village. The mountain is unique and we found amazing landscape at the top – the Maitara and Ternate, awesome.

Maitara and Ternate

Maitara and Ternate

Mt. Kiematubo, Tidore, North Maluku, Indonesia, January 2007